Friday, January 9, 2015

January Quick Writes!


Okay, I'll admit it. My all-time favorite class activity would have to be Quick Writes. Seriously. I love them for many reasons. First of all they are fun to listen to as students read them aloud. Plus, it's surprising to hear the many stories that come from the same prompt. They are also extremely creative and range from fantasy to science fiction to adventure to [insert genre here]. Lastly, I am always amazed at what kids can write in only 3 minutes!

When will you hear stories that involve
bubble gum, 
a friendly scarecrow, 
aurora borealis,
Santa Claus,
 a yeti
AND Bigfoot?

During a Quick Write session, of course. 

I've taught grades 3-12 online for the last nine years and Quick Writes always get an enthusiastic thumbs up from my students! Here are a few from this month.

I decided to follow the huge footprints in the snow when suddenly ... there was no more snow! I looked up and it was warm. I felt the warm summer breeze on my face and I realized it was summer. Then I looked behind me and it was snowing with a blustery winter wind. I decided to follow the warm summer breeze path, instead of the freezing cold winter path. While I was walking, I realized I was passing the same thing on the summer path that I passed on the winter path... (to be continued)    - By Miky

I decided to follow the huge footprints in the snow when suddenly ... there was a huge abominable snow man! I screamed and ran, but he blocked me with his huge hand. He said,"Don't worry, I won't hurt you. Humans taste gross.Come and be my friend." "Okay" I said nervously. So we talked, it turned out he was nice. We became good friends. Now, every winter he will come out of his cave. But only if you will be his friend, if you are afraid, he will only look like a hill of snow.   - By Zion

I decided to follow the huge footprints in the snow when suddenly ... big foot jumped out of the trees and roared at me. I ran into a cave far away until I lost it; I was safe until, it found me and ate me. When I woke up, I found myself inside big foots stomach!  I felt like I was inside a giant pool of mossy, gross mud. Even though it was gross, it felt warm as a hot tub (I liked it that way). After a second everything was pitch black. A moment later, I woke up sitting in bed!  - By Garrett

See what I mean? Same prompt, super creative, but very different stories!


Send me your Quick Write if you want to share on the blog or in Author's Chair.

What can you write in 3 minutes?


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