Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Idioms, Figuratively Speaking


First off, a few announcements...

The cat's out of the bag! 
Memoirs and Personal Narratives were mailed yesterday and should arrive this week! 

 Just to keep you in the loop... 
Here's what you'll find in your mailbox.


 The ball is in your court. 
If you want to try for a higher score, you can read my feedback, 
edit your paper, and upload it to File Sharing.


Here is a look at all of the swag, so far. 
Some students may have more than others, but everyone should have something!
 If you are a new student this month, your lanyards are coming soon!

Brag Tags are the best things since sliced bread.  

Moving on...

In class today we reviewed the definition of Figurative Language.

Adding figurative language to your writing is a piece of cake.You guys became experts at using metaphors, similes and onomatopoeia in your writing when you wrote your memoirs and personal narratives! Now, we are going to learn about IDIOMS.

Idioms are SO FUN to add to your stories, add to conversations, 
and to look for when you are reading.

To find out more about idioms, check out the links below!

 Idiom Site
A List of Commonly Used English Idioms (PDF)
Idioms from Around the World
 Paint by Idioms

Keep your eyes peeled
for idioms as you read Pippi Chapters 9 and 10!

Elvis has left the building.


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