Friday, July 19, 2013

Math about Me


It's fun to think of math as it relates to our lives. It's also satisfying to put a creative spin on any math assignment. For this activity, we do both! Kids fill in each section of this printable page with information about themselves. For "My Height" and "My Head Circumference" they'll need measurement tools... and a partner!

Here are a few completed projects. These will look great mounted on colorful construction paper on your back-to school bulletin board! The center is blank, so you can have kids write their names, draw a self portrait, or glue a photo there.

For "Letters in My Name" students might count the number of letters, get creative with geometry, or tie in some other mathematical concept, like so...

My favorite part is the "One More Fact" ray...

"I have 24 teeth."

"I have a $100 bill!"

If you would like a free printable of this page, click on the image below

...or visit my Teachers Pay Teachers store!

(Reduce page size to 80% when printing, if you'd like the project to fit in 
students' math journals or a spiral notebook.)

If you use this in your class or with your own kids, send me a photo of the finished product. I'd love to see it! 

(For other versions of this project, see this post.)



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