Saturday, May 18, 2013

Literature Circles


I Literature Circles! What a wonderful way to teach teamwork and independence simultaneously. Students enthusiastically read and discuss books of their choosing with a small group of five classmates. These "book clubs" require minimum class time with major benefits. Each student has a different job: Definition Detective, Summarizer, Illustrator, Quotation Finder, and Discussion Leader. After reading the assigned pages/chapters, students complete their page and prepare for their next group meeting. I have students meet twice a week for about 30 minutes each time.
It's fun to walk around the class and listen to each group excitedly engaged in their discussions... sharing, analyzing and debating. Who doesn't like a good ol' book discussion with buddies? I know I do!

If you are new to Literature Circles, or if you are looking for a printable, here is what I use. This packet includes all five roles. After 1-2 books, you may decide to skip the formalities and just let kids discuss their novels. I enjoy the structure of "jobs" but once the students get the hang of it, you can have them meet and chat about the book they are reading as a group more often.

I also created this single sheet for whole-class literature discussions. Whether you are reading aloud to the class, reading as a group or independently, this can be used to help students organize their thoughts and prepare for discussions.

For Literature Circle book ideas, visit the websites below!
Student Recommended Chapter Books


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