Sunday, September 30, 2012

Funny Stuff


Monday, September 24, 2012

Sunday School


Yep, I'm teaching Sunday School this year. I'm excited to create new materials and learn a few things! I'm teaching 5th grade, but have already found tons of fun crafts and ideas for all grade levels. Here are a couple of my favorites (so far!):

Oh! So cute!

Now here's my first idea. Learning about the people we read about in the bible. What's the back story? How about a few interesting facts? So I came up with these activity pages...


Feel free to click on the image and download the free printable. Then, research and read stories about the Disciples and the Saints. Draw a portrait and write down a few interesting facts on each page. The projects can be combined into a book! I'll post student samples as well, so check back soon.

More to come!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Chore Charts for Kids


I made up these charts a few years ago when my kids were 4 and 5 years old. Now they are big kids and we still use them! Of course, I have modified the jobs over the years.  For example, when they were younger, "Do Dishes" meant sort the clean silverware and put it away. Now, they can load and unload the dishwasher on their own (Yay!).

Our charts are laminated and posted on the refrigerator. They have six chores each day:
  • Make your bed
  • Clear your plate after each meal
  • Pick up your toys
  • Put your clothes in the hamper at the end of the day
  • Complete the chore that is listed on the calendar (by looking at today's date)
  • Have fun!
We have a cat, so we have "Feed Cat" on ours. Two of the Chore Charts below are for kids with pets. The other two are not.


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Doodles --> Clip Art


Many people have asked me about the images I have on my webpages and blogs. It's fun to search the web for clip art and I also enjoy making my own. I love drawing and doodling, so I try to use my own graphics when I create PowerPoints, worksheets, web pages and blogs. I created the Godzilla image on this blog header using only 4 tools:
  1. a piece of white paper
  2. a black felt tip marker
  3. a scanner
  4. a free online photo site called Pixlr
 If you would like to create your own clip art, I'm here to tell you that you don't need fancy programs to do so!

Just draw a picture (use black pen, so that it really shows up). Then scan it as an image. Upload the file to Pixlr and have fun! You can color in your image, add text, crop it down, etc.


WARNING: Making images may become a time-consuming hobby. Please get your schoolwork done before attempting this at home.

If you create a graphic, please e-mail or k-mail it to me. I would love to see it! I can even post it on this blog for others to admire.


Monday, September 10, 2012

Let the Games Begin!


And they're off!

Computer Literacy starts this week! I am excited to work with all of you this semester. We are going to learn a lot about computers, word processing, spreadsheets, e-mail, blogging and other tech-eriffic stuff.

I will give +5 Extra Credit points per month to those of you who comment on this blog (no last names please). Make sure you bookmark it and check back often. You can also join the site by clicking on "Join this site" under Befriend on the left of this page.

Check your Comp Lit course on Tuesday for calendars and assignments. Then, let me know if you need help with anything.
What do you think about this blog? 
Are you ready to get started?

Have a great semester!