Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day



Anonymous Letter Left at the Tomb 
of the Unknown Soldier

Upon this day of poignant reflection, we are humbled by your sacrifice;
No measure of recompense doth any possess which may serve to satisfice-
Our very liberty hath been your precious gift-your dutiful life, its price-
Our humble gratitude is all we have, no manner of quittance would suffice!

Our Forefathers advented Liberty, yet your loss saw to its abiding;
Countless men and women still, much like you, cease its subsiding;
Your life of honor and duty, for country-this shall ne'er perish-
In our hearts and minds, upon this day and all others, we cherish
Every solitary liberate moment, which you have given and ensured;
The most selfless sacrifice-your safeguard guaranteed Liberty endured!

I can not say and I will not say that he is dead - He is just away!
You live still; Your dutiful life inspires men and women to this very day;
The obligation owed to you is immeasurable-words may ne'er convey
Our gratitude for your service and sacrifice-though we endeavor all we may! 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Last Quick Writes


Today was our last Quick Write session of the year.

Sniff sniff.

Here are the summer-ish prompts!

The sand felt wonderful between my toes, until…
I jumped into the pool, but soon realized…

She opened the book and then suddenly, she fell in!

If you would like to share one of your Quick Writes,
add it to the comment box or send it to me!


Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Math Notebook Finale!


Welp, we finished learning about all of the 5th Grade Common Core Standards! We are awesome like that.

You now have a hearty notebook to show for all of your learning. If you want, you can send me a picture of your notebook and I will post it here!

The final touch is a nifty Table of Contents. Print it out and staple the two pages to the first page of your notebook... the one we left blank at the beginning of the year.

[clickety-click on the image to enlarge]

Now go through your spiral and number all of the pages.

Then, list the title/concept and the page number on your Table of Contents!

If you find that you are missing any pages, you can find them all here.

You can also review math lessons and completed notebook pages by looking at past posts on this blog. Just do a search or check the archives on the sidebar to the left.

Math Rocks!