Thursday, October 30, 2014

Math Dojo: Simplify Fractions


Today we met in the Math Dojo for a little simplifying fractions practice.

We discovered that we can reduce fractions to make them easier to deal with.

Simplifying them doesn't change the value. 
No matter how you slice them, all of the pizzas below are equivalent (and delicious).

Here is another helpful video from Math Antics.
This one explains how to simplify fractions.

If you need more help,

For a fun Simplifying Fractions game,

I hope you find this helpful!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Fraction Action!


Stuff we've learned about fractions...

The denominator is on de-bottom.

Pizza is good.

A fraction means...

When multiplying fractions...

When multiplying a fraction by a whole number...

Improper fractions have big heads and poor manners.
Mixed numbers are confused.
Proper fractions do volunteer work.

Ninjas like math.

Today in class we learned the difference between a proper fraction, an improper fraction, and a mixed fraction (or mixed number). 

We also practiced simplifying fractions and turning an improper fraction into a mixed number. If you missed it, be sure and watch the recording and send Mrs. Sol your Quick Check before Friday. 

Here is a look at this week's notebook pages...

Make sure you have the "I Can" statement written down correctly and the vocab cards glued in. 

Here's the Quick Check, if needed!

[click on any picture to enlarge it]

Now, where can I get 3/4 of a chocolate cake?

Monday, October 27, 2014

A Novel Idea


In Literature this year, you will notice four "Choose a Novel" units. These units give students the opportunity to choose a novel from a list. As they read, students complete online comprehension questions every 2-3 chapters. In order to make these assignments more enjoyable for avid readers and for the creative kids out there, I've decided to offer another choice.

You can either complete the online lessons as you read each novel OR you can create a book report project when you are done with each book. When you turn in your final project, I will grade it. If you get a 80% or higher, I will mark the entire "Choose a Novel" unit complete. That way, you can read your novel of choice independently (in the car, before bed, etc.) while working on your other Language Arts lessons during your school day. 

You will still read four chapter books this school year to complete the Literature course. Two must be from the K12 Novels List and two can be any chapter book that you choose. Just make sure it's interesting and at your reading level (not too easy or too hard). You can complete the projects any time between now and June. If you want to do book reports for a couple of the novels and then do the others online, that's fine! You can pick and choose. Click here for tips on how to P.I.C.K. a book that's right for you!


Choose a project. Make sure it includes the following information. Each category is worth 5 points (5 x 9 = 45 total points possible). Your project must be neatly done and easy to read. Extra credit will be given for additional items and creativity. Don’t forget your name!

 Book Title & Author
The Setting of the Story
Favorite Character
An Important Event
A Memorable Quote
Would you recommend the book to a friend? Why?
Your Book Rating
A problem in the story, and its solution.
Include colorful images that relate to the story.

Choose one...

Book Reflection Sheet
Fill in the Book Reflection sheet. Make sure it is neat, colorful, complete and creative!

Slide Show Presentation
Create a presentation using Power Point or Key Note. Include a title slide with your name.

Go to Choose “Create a Glog.” Design a poster for your novel. Add images to bring your poster to life. Send your final Glog link to Mrs. Sol.

Create a short movie or book trailer with all of the information listed above. Upload it to You Tube or send the file to Mrs. Sol.

Create an animated presentation using Prezi. Send the link to Mrs. Sol. Click on the Prezi below to see how it works.

Song, Rap or Poem
Write a song, rap or poem that includes the nine items listed above. Record your masterpiece on You Tube, Vocaroo (or create an audio file) and send the link to Mrs. Sol.

Create a diorama of your novel and send Mrs. Sol photos of it. Bonus points if you’re in the picture dressed as a character!

Other Awesome Idea
Your choice! Present the information in a way not listed above. Write a play, use digital media, make a scrapbook, write a letter, create a collage, etc. Just make sure you include all 9 items listed at the top of this page.

...and please don't turn in a book report on your favorite movie.
That would be a movie report. ;)

Happy Reading!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Multiplying Fractions


Thank you for entertaining me with your Cookie Monster impersonations yesterday. Hee hee. I knew you were good at math... but those grumbly voices were quite impressive too!

Me think you are funny.

So, now we are moving on to fractions. You will build on skills you learned in the past. First stop is multiplying fractions. Here is a video that I find very helpful and I think that you will too.

The completed 5.NF.4 notebook pages are shown below. You can use these images to make sure your notebook is complete. Next week we will add more information. 

If you are new, or if you missed a week, check our classroom website. All of the printable pages are there!

[click on an image to enlarge]

Whether you are a fraction expert or you need a little extra practice, 
these lessons and games will come in handy...

Multiply Fractions and Whole Numbers Practice

Here's the Quick Check for this week's lesson too!

See y'all soon!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Happy Hierarchies



  1. a system or organization in which people or groups are ranked one above the other according to status or authority.

As we learned in math class yesterday, a hierarchy in geometry is very similar to the definition above. Except instead of talking about people (like military ranks), we are classifying shapes based on their properties. You start with a broad category at the top of the chart, like "Polygons." As you add branches, you split off to define specific properties of shapes. 

Here is the example we used in our math notebooks. In the chart below, "Quadrilaterals" is at the top of the hierarchy. As you branch off from that general term, you get more and more specific. I enlarged the chart on this page, so you can use it to complete your math notebook page, if needed.

Here is another hierarchy chart I found online. I know how you like happy shapes, so you may want to add this chart to your math notebook. That's what I'm going to do! Click on the image for a printable version. Thanks Ms. BBZ!

Awwwww... Such a cute and happy polygon family!

Here are four fun and interesting math resources that have to do with this week's math concept.

If you did not complete this week's Quick Check, please send me the answers to the 3 questions below by Friday, October 17. 

Click here for a few flashcards to help you remember the geometry vocabulary you learned in Chapter 2 and in Class Connect. 

Now, on to fractions!