Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Me Like Fractions


Thank you for entertaining me with your Cookie Monster impersonations today. Hee hee. I knew you were good at math... but those grumbly voices were quite impressive too!

Me think you are funny.

So, now we are moving on to fractions. You will build on skills you learned in the past. First stop is multiplying fractions.

One way to multiply fractions is to use the Standard Method that's been around for decades! You multiply across (numerator x numerator & denominator x denominator).

Here is a video that I find very helpful and I think that you will too.

Another way to multiply fractions is to use models.

This mini-lesson will help to explain the models method...

Whether you are a fraction expert or you need a little extra practice, 
these lessons and games will come in handy...

Multiply Fractions and Whole Numbers Practice

If you are new, or if you missed a week, check our classroom website. All of the printable pages are there!

Remember, tomorrow is a Catch Up Day! 

See y'all next week!

2-Digit Multiplication


This week in Class Connect we are learning how to multiply multi-digit numbers (2-digit numbers to be exact.

Let's review a couple helpful vocabulary words from this lesson...

Here is a video tutorial to help you understand how to multiply multi-digit numbers.

Don't forget the magic ZERO to hold your place before switching to the tens place!

When solving problems like this, it's very important to write neatly and keep everything lined up. By using a data box, all information will be in one place. The grid helps with lining numbers up before you add.

Here is an example of a data box. Thanks Matthew!

[click on the image for a closer look]

In math class this year, you have learned about partial products too.   When solving multi-digit math problems, use the strategy that works for you.

Thanks for the sweet graphics Mr. Elementary Math!

Here's a video to help understand partial products, if that's more your style.


Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 20, 2015

Washington State Geography


Hey 4th graders! Here is this week's lesson... chock full of cool Washington places!

Complete your state map using the information in the video below.

Label, outline, and color the following physical features on your map before Friday:

 Mt. Rainier
 Puget Sound
Cascade Mountains
 Columbia Plateau
Columbia River
Mt. St. Helens
 Olympic Mountains
Strait of Juan de Fuca
Pacific Ocean
 Oregon, Idaho, Canada
Your town!

Remember Washington State Projects are due on December 18. 
Make sure your report is neat, complete, and accurate!

[click on the image to enlarge]