Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Notice & Note


In addition to independent reading, I am really looking forward to SHARING amazing novels this year during our BOOK CHAT sessions!

When reading a novel as a class or with your literature group, it's important to come prepared for a thoughtful discussion. What are you noticing as you read? How is the author engaging the audience? How does a character's actions affect the story? Does the plot, setting or an event remind you of another story you've read? What questions arise as you read? Is there a meaningful quote or passage that you want to share with the group?

As you read, have Post-It notes and something to write with within reach. I like to put a pencil, highlighters, fun sticky notes, and colorful pens in a pencil pouch. Then I can take it with me if I am reading on the go!

Use your Notice & Note bookmark as... a bookmark... (duh).
It can also be a helpful tool as you read. If you notice something on the list, make a note on a sticy (or directly in the book if you own it) and add the page number in your spiral. Then, be prepared to share! After a while, you won't need the bookmark prompts anymore, you will begin to think, reflect and connect on your own!

The cool things you are noticing as you read will be fun to discuss with your group or with the class as we read together this year. We will learn more about the items on this list, such as figurative language and text connections. By the end of the year, you will be book discussion gurus!

Here are the files I use as we begin the year. I print the bookmarks on bright cardstock and laminate them, so they last! I sent the letter home when we started our first novel study (Little House) last year, but it can be adapted for any novel, or for lit groups. Contact me if you would like the MS Word version of either file!

Notice & Note Bookmark
Letter to Students

I like this video created by a high school student. You can see how she uses a similar reading strategy to prepare for class discussions in her English class! 

I'm looking forward to our novel studies this year! I have a few cool ideas up my sleeve, so stay tuned!


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