Monday, June 12, 2017

Finish Strong!



Please check the gradebook this morning to see if there are any grades that you need to work on. Whatever the gradebook says today at 5:00 PM is what will be written on your report card. 

If your Composition grade is low, make sure you turned in your Memoir and Editorial. They are worth 250 points combined! If one of those assignments is missing, send it to me before 2:00 today, so I have time to score it and add the grade to the gradebook. 

Open the gradebook and then click on the individual course link to see the list of scored assignments.

If you have a low grade in a course, it may be because...
  • You have lesson assessments and unit tests that were not mastered at 80% or higher.
  • You skipped lessons that were not optional.
  • You are behind in that course. As of today, all courses should be around 97% complete.
  • There are missing teacher-graded assignments in that course. (NOTE: All teacher-graded assignments were due on 6/9 with the exception of the Memoir and Editorial).
The last day of school is June 16. Continue schooling through Friday! All courses should be at 100% by the end of the week.

Finish STRONG!


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