Monday, May 22, 2017

Washington State - Famous People


Hey Washingtonians! Great job today! Here is today's lesson on Famous Washingtonians. You can use the information in this lesson to complete your poster.

Play, pause, and rewind as needed.
(this video has no sound)

In addition to accurate information on your project, I am also looking for neat writing and colorful drawings. The area for drawing is small, so please color in the background too!

Here are a few more helpful websites that might come in 
handy as you finish your project...

50 States - Washington

This is the scoring guide for your Washington State Project. A printable version was sent via e-mail.

You will mail your finished project AND Grading Sheet to me. I will admire its awesomeness and fill out the scoring sheet. Then, I will send it back to you this summer. 

Please put your project in the mail by May 26! I'd like to have everyone's by June 1!

I can't wait!


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