Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Let's Write to... PERSUADE!


This month in composition, we are going to learn about persuasive writing as we write an EDITORIAL. Your first job is to decide on a topic or issue that you are interested in and that you have a opinion about. 

Dogs make better pets than dogs.
The penny is obsolete.
My parents should give me an allowance.
Online school is more effective than the traditional classroom.
The playground equipment at my neighborhood park needs to be updated.

What is an issue you are passionate about?

Let's make sure we understand the key terms of this lesson...

Here is a video to help explain the assignment:

When you write an EDITORIAL, you have the chance to persuade others
and to share your opinion on an issue. If you need help finding a topic, you can…

ü Talk to your family and friends about important issues in your community and in the world.
ü Watch a television current events show or a news program to find out about topics you have an opinion on.
ü Read news magazines and websites for topics that you care about.

Here are kid-friendly websites with articles about current events. 
Check them out!
You may find a topic or issue that interests you.

When you are asked to write a paper, or even when you are writing for fun, always think about the TASK, the AUDIENCE, and your PURPOSE for writing. Here's how to TAP, TAP, TAP when writing a persuasive editorial...
TAP will help you to stay focused on WHAT you are writing, WHY you are writing it and WHO you are writing it for.

You are writing a persuasive writing editorial.
Your audience is whoever you are trying to persuade.
The purpose is to persuade those who may not agree with you.

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The Google Assignment can also be found in the post below.


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