Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Memoir Memory Map


mem·oir [mem-wahr]

noun  an account of one's personal life and experiences; an autobiography.

For the next three weeks, we are going to work on writing a memoir. You will complete the online lessons in Composition and we will share in Class Connect. On October 9th you will work with a partner to add pizazz to your story!

Your first assignment is to come up with an engaging topic to write about.

Draw a detailed map of your neighborhood.

Label your map:
Important places.
Where something happened.
Where kids gather.
 A danger spot you avoid.
 A favorite place.
 A secret place.
 Friend’s and neighbor’s houses.

As you draw, what memories come back to you?
Choose 3 memories you might want to write about.

WARNING: The song below will get stuck in your head for eternity.

Now, think about your top 3 memoir topics.

Which story do you know the most about?

Which story contains all 4 of these story elements?


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