Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Partial Products


 This week in Class Connect we are learning how to
 multiply multi-digit numbers using partial products.

   There are many ways to multiply multi-digit numbers. One way is my using a standard algorithm, or recipe. This week we talked about a newer method called The Partial Product Method. Partial products are used as intermediate steps in calculating larger products.  

Here is a video explaining how to solve a multiplication problem
using the Partial Product Method.

When solving problems like this, it's very important to write neatly and keep everything lined up. One trick is to use graph paper instead of lined paper. The grids help with lining numbers up before you add.

If you do not have your X Facts memorized, 5th grade math can take a long time to calculate. I would suggest printing the Multiplication Chart below and gluing it onto the inside of your back spiral cover. That way you can refer to it all year.

Here are a few sites that may help with multiplication...


Keep up the great work, kids!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Happy First Day 2016!