Tuesday, May 24, 2016

May Quick Writes!


Check out Ember and Lauren's awesome Quick Writes! 

Same prompts, completely different stories.

I reached for my umbrella when suddenly...

           I reached for my umbrella when suddenly a scaly figure leaped out at me. Giant, bat-like, icy, blue wings stretched, and glittery black claws reached for me. I screamed. The talons grabbbed me by my arm and yanked me into a pitch black tunnel. The claws leg go. I strained to see in the obsidian-black cavern. I turned around. No light. There was no going back the way I came. An icy chill of fear crept up my spine. Something was not right. I turned once more. The cave was filled with slanted, glowing, green eyes. A burst of fire caught my attention. It lit up the extent of the cavern with an eerie red glow. Huge, gray, black and red wings crowded the caves.

            “Dragons..” I breathed, amazed.
- Ember

The Leopard Print

I reached for my umbrella when suddenly it turned into a leopard! It was a new umbrella with leopard print on it and it came alive!!(Maybe that's why it was on sale...) I was afraid at first, but I love leopards though, so it felt great seeing one this close to me. He was so grateful for me letting him out of the umbrella that he agreed to being my pet and to not hurt my other pets. People may say, "Let the cat out of the bag," but I think it should be "Let the cat out of the umbrella..." 

In another galaxy, far, far away...

            In another galaxy, far, far away, Zalica strapped on her CloudSuit 102 made of black dragon leather. The leather was heat and fire resistant, which was necessary on Zalica's planet Scolon 2 because the gas clouds were very hot. Zalica strapped on her helmet and grabbed her Fire Blaster 6000, the mechanical wings used as transportation. She buckled on the wings and leaped out the door , pulling the trigger for the gauzy wing's engine. The engine did not start. Panic began creeping up Zalica's spine. If she fell onto Scolon 2's crust of lava, there was no way she would live. She pulled the trigger again. A faint gutter, but it didn't start. The lava was looming towards her.
 - Ember 

R2D2 and C3P0

In another galaxy far, far away, there was a droid named R2D2 and his friend C3P0. They adventured together and had great times, but they fought a lot. One day, I flew there in a spaceship and took them home with me on Earth.

 I decided to pick the unusual flower when...

            I decided to pick the unusual flower when a burst of air, smelling like pine sap and maple syrup, blasted me off my feet I fell five yards away. I scrambled up and turned around. A giant scaled face met my eyes. I screamed. The dragon's head itself was larger than a house. The pearly green teeth were taller than me. The slanted green eyes stared down. It tilted its head. Then pointed to the flower, and shook its head. A large growl erupted from the enormous gray throat. I backed off. Suddenly, it sat down, as though satisfied, its weight causing a mini earthquake. A huge shadow enveloped the meadow. Another dragon.
- Ember  

Tiger Lilies
I decided to pick the unusual flower (Tiger Lily) when suddenly it turned into a tiger! I fought the tiger off, because it wasn't as grateful for being let out of the flower as the leopard was with the umbrella. It finally left me alone, and went to live in a nearby jungle with some other tiger friends. (Once again there should be a saying of "Let the cat out of the flower...")

Way to go ladies! Keep it up!

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Lauren Colin May 24, 2016 at 2:17 PM

OhMyGosh Ember! You are a pro! I need to be your pen-pal...

Anonymous May 25, 2016 at 8:25 AM

Thanks Lauren! I like your stories, too!

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