Tuesday, April 12, 2016

MATH 5: Post Test 4 Prep


Next Monday I will give you a math test on the last four concepts we've covered in math class. The test will be due on Friday, April 22. Here are the concepts to review before the test...

Reading and writing decimals. (5.NBT.3a) 
Comparing decimals to thousandths. (5.NBT.3b)
Rounding decimals. (5.NBT.4)  
Use concrete models to divide decimals to thousandths. (5.NBT.7) 

To prepare for the test, look through your math notebook. If you do not understand a concept, click on the link above and/or watch the Class Connect recording again. Once you are ready, take the practice test. 

 After you take the practice, you can check your answers...

 [click on the pic]

When dividing decimals, ask yourself, "How many groups can I make?"

 In the problem below divide .16 into groups of .04!

If you need help, join me in CC for Math Dojo on Thursday at 12:00 PM.



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