Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Ain't Nothin' but a Coordinate Plane


In math this week we are moving on to geometry. To be more specific, we are learning about the parts of a COORDINATE PLANE.

First things first. Let's start with the vocabulary words. What is a coordinate plane, anyway?

Other important parts of the coordinate plane are...

In geometry, a coordinate plane includes all numbers, both positive and negative. It is divided into 4 QUADRANTS. We write the quadrants as roman numerals and the order travels around the coordinate plane in a counter-clockwise fashion.

In your math future you will plot points on all of the quadrants, so pay close attention to the coordinates. Are they positive or negative?

Today, we will stick with QUADRANT I where the x and y axes are positive (+,+).

When you use coordinates to plot points, you always travel across the x axis first. Then, move up the y axis. Across, then up.

This trick may help you remember what to do...

RUN across and then JUMP up!

 Thanks Mario!

Let's practice. Are the answers on this activity correct?

Now we'll do the plotting. On this activity, we were given coordinates. Are the points in the correct places? 

I believe they are! Nice work!

No lesson would be complete without a song. Am I right? Here's a catchy tune about the parts of a coordinate plane. Turn up your speakers and feel free to sing along!

 Yoooou ain't nothin' but a coordinate plane...

Thanks Mr. Phillips!

Here are the notebook page samples for this lesson. Please make sure your notebook is up to date. For more awesome math notebook pages like these, check out Mrs. Turner's TpT store!

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Remember, if you did not complete the Quick Check in class, please send it to me by Friday for credit!

Keep up the great work!


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