Friday, November 6, 2015

Mozart Smart


Sometimes music can help you focus on your school work AND help you retain information.

Mozart's music is the most popular and researched music for helping modify attentiveness and alertness. The structural and not overly emotional expression helps clarify time/space perception. It is not overstimulating and the structures of the rondo, sonata-allegro form, and variation form are basic ways in which the brain becomes familiar with the development and familiarity of ideas. (The Mozart Effect, pages 27-30.) 

You may find that listening to certain instrumental music will not only be soothing, but may help you concentrate and remember what you are learning during the day.

Want to see if Mozart helps you study? Click on the video below and turn up the speakers or put on your headset (not too loud!). Then get to work!

For more information on The Mozart Effect, watch this.

The Study Music Project was created by Dennis Kuo. Check out his YouTube channel for lots of cool studying music! He's always adding more songs, so it is a wonderful resource for new brain-fueling melodies!

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