Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Math 5: Using Al Gore Algorithms to Multiply


Fifth graders are kicking off their math year with  
multiplication algorithms. 

No not Al Gore. 

I said, "AL-GOR-ITHMs."

The algorithm we're dealing with today will help us to solve multiplication problems in 4 steps.  

X the Ones
Magic Zero
X the Tens
Add 'em Up! 

This video will help explain in more detail...

Let's try it...

If you are having a hard time with this concept because you don't have the multiplication facts memorized, please feel free to add this multiplication chart to your spiral. It will come in handy a lot this year!

Here is our 5.NBT.5 notebook page from this week, if you want to double check your answers.  Please make sure your notebook is up to date before next Tuesday! Remember, you can click on any image on this page to enlarge it.

Nice job today! See you tomorrow at 12:00 for SLASH!


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