Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day



Anonymous Letter Left at the Tomb 
of the Unknown Soldier

Upon this day of poignant reflection, we are humbled by your sacrifice;
No measure of recompense doth any possess which may serve to satisfice-
Our very liberty hath been your precious gift-your dutiful life, its price-
Our humble gratitude is all we have, no manner of quittance would suffice!

Our Forefathers advented Liberty, yet your loss saw to its abiding;
Countless men and women still, much like you, cease its subsiding;
Your life of honor and duty, for country-this shall ne'er perish-
In our hearts and minds, upon this day and all others, we cherish
Every solitary liberate moment, which you have given and ensured;
The most selfless sacrifice-your safeguard guaranteed Liberty endured!

I can not say and I will not say that he is dead - He is just away!
You live still; Your dutiful life inspires men and women to this very day;
The obligation owed to you is immeasurable-words may ne'er convey
Our gratitude for your service and sacrifice-though we endeavor all we may! 


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