Wednesday, May 27, 2015



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Isabel Walker
by Zion

                Cloudy white light covered the woods where our small treehouse was. I struggled as always to climb up the big black rope. Suddenly, Shiloh, my brother, yells, “Zion! They’re here!” I bumped my head as I jumped down. Rubbing my head, I looked up.
There they were, my cousins, the Walker family. But above all, I saw her, with beautiful auburn brown hair that flowed off her shoulders like a river off of a rock. She had brown eyes that sparkled as she stood next to her friend. “Zion!” She yelled, as she ran toward me and gave me a big hug.
            Isabel Walker is an average fifteen year old, making silly jokes, hanging out with her friends, and staring at Instagram on her phone sixteen hours a day. But she is also very kind, and respectful to people. When her mother asks her to do something she doesn’t want to do, she’ll usually disagree. But it always ends with her saying, “Yes Ma’am.”
Isabel is also very fun to be around. Whenever we go for a walk to the beach or hang out, we will always come back with some kind of inside joke. For example, me, my brothers, Isabel, her brother, and her friend, will be sitting at the table back from the beach, eating sandwiches for lunch. Someone will whisper something totally random like, “Pinchers.” All of the sudden, Isabel’s hazel eyes will widen, she’ll fall over in her frayed sweater and worn jeans onto her friend’s lap breaking down laughing. Everyone else will start cracking up too, and spitting out their food!
            Isabel is very kind because she never leaves the “kids” out of the fun. She will never try to ignore us and talk with the adults. She actually will get up from the table walk over to the playroom and say, “Hey, guys. Let’s go play outside!” I’ve always respected her for that.
            Lastly, Isabel is strong, and has a long road of good things coming her way. No matter how much she says silly words like “Choch”, “Nafam”, and “Bai”, she will be used by
God in very important ways, and already has! She’s told us stories about her mission trips in the cold rain or the scorching sun, as we sit in the play room . I’ve even seen a video of her on Facebook preaching. As she yells, her brown hair whips behind her stern freckled face, with closed confident eyes she preaches to her ginormous church of hundreds of people!
            Isabel is an amazing person. She is so kind to us, and would live here if she could. She loves her friends, siblings, and parents, she’d do anything for them. But most of all, she will trust God no matter what, and will always be faithful to him. Isabel is an awesome cousin to have, that’s why she’s my role model.

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Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day



Anonymous Letter Left at the Tomb 
of the Unknown Soldier

Upon this day of poignant reflection, we are humbled by your sacrifice;
No measure of recompense doth any possess which may serve to satisfice-
Our very liberty hath been your precious gift-your dutiful life, its price-
Our humble gratitude is all we have, no manner of quittance would suffice!

Our Forefathers advented Liberty, yet your loss saw to its abiding;
Countless men and women still, much like you, cease its subsiding;
Your life of honor and duty, for country-this shall ne'er perish-
In our hearts and minds, upon this day and all others, we cherish
Every solitary liberate moment, which you have given and ensured;
The most selfless sacrifice-your safeguard guaranteed Liberty endured!

I can not say and I will not say that he is dead - He is just away!
You live still; Your dutiful life inspires men and women to this very day;
The obligation owed to you is immeasurable-words may ne'er convey
Our gratitude for your service and sacrifice-though we endeavor all we may!