Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Marvelous Metrics


Jerome is having a fantastic time learning about metric conversions this week.

And why not?

Converting metrics is fun!

Some people (and aliens) might think it's even more fun than converting customary units.

With metrics you get to use a lot of 00000000000000s.

That's because the metric system is based on 10s.

This video will help explain a few things...

Thanks Bill Nye!

Now let's sort them!

Can you think of others?

As I said before, the nifty part of converting metrics that that you are always using 10s. For example, let's compare a millimeter to a centimeter.

There are 10 millimeters in 1 centimeter.

There are 20 millimeters in 2 centimeters.

There are 30 millimeters in 3 centimeters.

You get the picture.

Let's convert other metric lengths.

Conversion charts always come in handy!

Since all measurements in the metric system are in multiples of 10,
the same is true for capacity and weight:

Side Note: 1 gram is about the same weight as one grape.

I learned that in 5th grade and I'm sticking to it.

Gram Grape!
(grape is actual size)

Oh, and if you don't feel like writing those looong metric words over and over,

you can abbreviate them!

Here are a few fun resources about metrics:

If you did not attend the Class Connect live, please watch the recording, make sure your notebook is up to date, and send me the Quick Check answers before Friday!


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Keep up the great work!

Friday, April 24, 2015

Happy Weekend!


Wednesday, April 22, 2015

It's Earth Day!


Today, April 22, is Earth Day! Join me in Class Connect for a fun lesson on all the ways the earth recycles...

and how we can recycle too!

Speaking of recycling, check out our expertly sorted trash!

Remarkable recycling!

Here are some fun Earth Day movies, crafts, games and activities that I think you will enjoy!

Readworks| Earth Day 2015 (reading passages for grades K-12)

What to Read on Earth Day (books for K-12)

The Lorax (original cartoon – 25 mins)


 Earth Day

By Jane Yolen 

I am the Earth
And the Earth is me.
Each blade of grass,
Each honey tree,
Each bit of mud,
And stick and stone
Is blood and muscle,
Skin and bone.

And just as I
Need every bit
Of me to make
My body fit,
So Earth needs
Grass and stone and tree
And things that grow here

That’s why we
Celebrate this day.
That’s why across
The world we say:
As long as life,
As dear, as free,
I am the Earth
And the Earth is me.

These are the Banana Slug String Band songs I was talking about in class.

Turn up your speakers!

Earth Day 3... 2... 1...

Alexyz and his friends learned a lot today. Check out their Exit Tickets!
[click on any image for a closer look]

Now get outside! Go for a walk! Enjoy the beautiful day!

The Lorax wants you to.

Earth Day Sale


Everything is 20% off today only! 

"Nothing New Under the Sun" is a FREEBIE!
(Usually $4.00)

Happy Earth Day!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Measurement Conversion


Bliizblop and his friends are here today to explain how to convert customary measurements.

But first, what does it mean to "convert" something in math?

Here is a conversion chart that may come in handy when you are making dinner tonight.

How many pints are in a quart?
How many quarts are in a gallon?
How many cups are in a gallon?

Conversion charts like the one above are useful when you are doing everyday tasks like making a double batch of brownies, weighing vegetables at the grocery store, or cutting fabric.

This fun video will help you understand conversion when it comes to capacity... like in the kitchen chart above.

Turn up your speakers when The Cup Fills Up!

For this week's lesson, we will stick with the Customary System of measurement.

There are three categories of measurement: length, weight and capacity. In class today, three smarty pants completed the chart below... in about 1.5 seconds. Seriously smart.


You can use the handy dandy conversion charts in your math notebook to help you convert measurements like ounces to pounds...

or inches, feet, yards and miles!

If there are 3 feet in 1 yard, then how many feet are in 3 yards?

3 x 3 = 9

There are 9 feet in 3 yards!

Get it?

Here are a few games and resources to help you practice customary conversions.

Stay tuned for next weeks lesson...

Metric Conversions!

Please make sure your notebook is up to date before our next lesson!

Here is the Quick Check.
If you did not complete it in class, please send your answers to me before Friday!

 [click on any image for a closer look]

Now I'm off to eat 1 pint of chocolate mint ice cream with 8 ounces of whipped cream on top.

And a cherry.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

April Quick Writes


Yesterday's Quick Writes were hilarious, scary, mysterious and full of adventure!


Because I have a creative group of 5th graders, that's why.

Here are our prompts for this month!

I reached for my umbrella when suddenly…

In another galaxy, far, far away…

I decided to pick the unusual flower when…

And now for a few students samples!

I reached for my umbrella when suddenly…
it started pouring rain! I was drenched, SO MUCH FOR THE UMBRELLA! I quickly ran inside and got into some nice warm clothes. Then it stopped raining. I went back outside and it started raining again! So the rain went off went I was inside and then it started back up again when I was outside. In the end I just stayed inside for the rest of the day.   By Miky

In another galaxy, far, far away… I met an alien whose name was Alien. I was extremely scared! It was so slimy and green. "AAAAAHHHHH!"  I screamed as loud as I could. I ran as fast as I could back to my spaceship. "I am NEVER going back to space!" I exclaimed...   By Elise

I decided to pick the unusual flower when… Pinkie Pie jumped out! She said, “Awe man! You found me.” She was covered, and I mean covered, with dirt! (I was wondering what that fluffy flower was). I said, "I wasn't even playing hide 'n go seek!" We both hit the floor laughing.    By EvaKay

Nice job ladies!
If you want to post your Quick Write or another story you've written, send it to me!