Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Text-Based Response Rubric


ELA Recap!

First things first.

Here is our latest Word of the Week...


Can you use this word in a sentence?

Eek! Those are some glower-ful sentences! 

Here are a few of our classmates glowering into the webcam...

Yikes. DO NOT mess with them.

Next up... 

Read the passage below. According to the author, how did people feel about the pandas? Can you find evidence in the text to support your response? (click to enlarge)

Here is a rubric to explain what a 4-point (100%) answer should include:

Now check out this response. Is it complete? 
What score would you give to this student? Is it worth 4 points? 
Why or why not?

Click on the movie below to listen to Miky's feedback:

What about the response below? 
What makes it a 4-point answer?

 This week's assignment is to read the "Hot Chocolate" article from last week.
Then, score the sample student's response.
If it's not a +4, what improvements can be made?

(click to enlarge)

Please send me your assignment before Friday, if you haven't already.

I will post a few student samples this weekend!

Enjoy your 4-day weekend!


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