Friday, February 20, 2015

February Quick Writes!


With President's Day and our busy schedule, we finally got to our Quick Writes this week!

First, here is our February Brainstorm to get the creative juices flowing...

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Here are our prompts for this month.
Remember, you only get 3 minutes to write!

She carefully opened the heart-shaped box, when suddenly…

General Washington turned toward his men and shouted…

The groundhog woke from a sound sleep when something…

Our post wouldn't be complete without a couple of student samples!

She carefully opened the heart-shaped box, when suddenly…  a genie popped out in cloud of pink dust and said in a thundering voice “Greetings you who is master of the box, I give you 3 wishes, and the kibosh on even more.” Elizabeth was quite surprised to see a mystical genie, then she regained her voice and said in a timid tone “r-really, you are a genie?” “Yes, I am,” replied the mountainous genie…                         By Cian

She carefully opened the heart-shaped box, when suddenly… a fake snake jumped out at her. RICKY! She knew it was him. he had done so many April fool tricks on her, he had put goo on her apple, he had put a rubber band on the sprayer on the sink so it sprayed her, he had drew a mustache on her last night, he had put toothpaste on her cookie sandwich, and she had had enough of it. She decided to do something back at him. She put red food coloring in his milk so he thought blood was in it, she put fake puke on his sandwich, and then he declared war on pranks. She got her friends together and told them all about. Her friends,The Pranksters, they now called themselves got very even with Ricky and he never bothered them again.                                   By Darla

Nice job Cian and Darla!

If you would like to share one of your Quick Writes, type it up and send it to me!


Anonymous February 21, 2015 at 8:23 AM

Lovely writing, Darla! We love Mrs. Sol here in Indiana and we love to see everything fun going on in the virtual world :-) Hugs from Indiana 2nd graders!

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