Wednesday, November 26, 2014

November Author's Chair


What fun I had today in Class Connect! I love your stories, poems, and projects! 

Here are the writing samples shared today.

River's Eye 
by EvaKay

I sit beside my river's eye
and try to fly
but every time I sit
I sigh and cry
and I try to fly again.

Elevator Quick Write
by Alexyz

I was riding on an elevator when...
It suddenly got stuck and the lights went off, but I had a flashlight so I wasn't scared. As I waited for 1 hour, I started to see ghosts and monsters in the elevator. An hour later, the elevator turned back on and went up. I was still seeing things and thought a Dinosaur was chasing me. When I got out, I ran out...

Elevator Quick Write
by Bethany

I was riding in an elevator when...
All of the sudden, it stopped. I freaked and my mom said, "It's probably just like the one at Tyler Tech, and it stops at the end." 
  "But we are at the top. I said. We are stuck." 
  "At least I have snacks."
  "Really how could you think of eating at a time like this."
  "Don't worry, we are gonna get out."
  "Don't worry, Don't worry, How could I not worry. We're stuck in an elevator!"

November Brainstorm
by Mrs. Sol's Class

World War II Normandy
By Jacob

Preparing for the invasion of the beaches at Normandy.

During world war II the Allies put together a campaign to trick the enemy troops into thinking that they where going to Pas de Calais. They used inflatable vehicles to deceive photo recognizance. They also used a tool to make the tank tracks and transmitted fake troop and supply movements. The Alli troops also led the Germans to believe that Norway and other locations were were potential invasion targets.

Weather delay in the beach invasion.
General Eisenhower chose the date of June 5, 1944 to invade the beaches of Normandy, but a storm hit and the invasion was delayed for 24 hours. When General Eisenhower gave the orders to invade the beaches he told the troops, “You are about to embark upon the Great Crusade, toward which we have striven these many months. The eyes of the world are upon you.” The campaign consisted of 5,000 ships carrying troops and supplies and 11,000 aircraft.

Storming the beach.

Early in the morning of June 6th thousands of paratroopers took over bridges and exit roads. The allies took over several beaches prior to the landing at Normandy. US forces faced heavy defenses at Omaha Beach. Over 2,000 Americans lost their lives at that beach. Around 4,000 allied troops died that  day. The Germans were confused still thinking there was going to be an invasion at Pas de Calais. The German Commander Rommel was away on leave and Hitler refused to send help. By the end of June allied forces had marched across much of France.   

Victory in Normandy.

Late August of 1944 the allied troops liberated Paris which prevented Hitler from sending more troops to France. In May of 1945 The allies accepted Nazi Germany Surrender and claimed Victory over the German troops.

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Thank you Mrs.Sol for letting me read my story at class connect & putting it on the blog! LOVE YA! hee hee! :)

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