Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Fraction Action!


Stuff we've learned about fractions...

The denominator is on de-bottom.

Pizza is good.

A fraction means...

When multiplying fractions...

When multiplying a fraction by a whole number...

Improper fractions have big heads and poor manners.
Mixed numbers are confused.
Proper fractions do volunteer work.

Ninjas like math.

Today in class we learned the difference between a proper fraction, an improper fraction, and a mixed fraction (or mixed number). 

We also practiced simplifying fractions and turning an improper fraction into a mixed number. If you missed it, be sure and watch the recording and send Mrs. Sol your Quick Check before Friday. 

Here is a look at this week's notebook pages...

Make sure you have the "I Can" statement written down correctly and the vocab cards glued in. 

Here's the Quick Check, if needed!

[click on any picture to enlarge it]

Now, where can I get 3/4 of a chocolate cake?


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