Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Math: Extended Problems


At the end of each unit, you fill find an assignment called "Extended Problems."  This is usually an LC graded assignment. However, three of the Extended Problems will be sent in to me to grade. You can scan the assignment and k-mail it, e-mail it, or mail it to me.

Extended Problems will give students the opportunity to use the knowledge they learned throughout the unit, and in a more extensive

In Math+ Yellow, the teacher-graded activities can be found in the following units:

  • Unit 4: Problems Involving Fractions
  • Unit 6: Decimals
  • Unit 9: Coordinate Planes
If you are in another math course, check your plan for teacher-graded Extended Problems.

When you get  to the end of a unit, you will see instructions that say...

Your Learning Coach will need the Math + Lesson Guide 
to complete this lesson. You can access the Lesson Guide Online.

To find the actual Lesson Guide and assignment on the OLS, follow these steps:
  1. Click on the lesson
  2. Click on the Math+ Lesson Guide. This opens the Online Book Menu tab (tiny)      
  3. Click the Online Book Menu tab.
  4. Click the Resources tab to find the printable pages.
[click the image above to enlarge]

...and here's a video explaining how to find the assignment
for those visual learners out there (like me!).

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