Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Writing Dialog


 This month we are learning how to add dialog to our stories to make them more interesting. 

We brainstormed a bunch of words to use instead of "said"
because, let's face it, "said" doesn't really have much personality.

------- Our April work sample is to write a dialog using the checklist below. -------

A few students sent in their creative dialogs, so I thought I should share them with the world. 

Feel free to leave a comment for any of our authors.

Rosie + Lovers
By Rain

"I wish you weren't in that cage," purred Rosie.
"I like my cage!" squeaked Lovers, who was hiding in her house.
"If you were not in a cage we could run and play chase all day," wickedly replied Rosie. Rosie mumbled to herself," That would be a very fun day."
"I am quite happy inside my cage where it's nice and cozy," responded Lovers.
Rosie scampered off angrily knowing there is no use trying to get Lovers to come out and play.


Xbox + Teagan
By Teagan

My Xbox asked, "What would you like to do today?"
"I would like to play MW3," I replied.
"What mode would you like to play?" my Xbox asked.
I replied, "Survival."


Cat + Dog + Lizard
By Mia

"I do not like the rainy weather!" exclaimed the cat.
"Bad weather means no birds," she muttered.
"I don't like the rain either!" barked the dog. "If I get muddy I will have to take a bath!" he barked.
 "I wish I could feel the rain!" argued the lizard. "I live in an aquarium now, and I don't get any rain anymore. I imagine it is so warm and soft!"


Mom + Zee + Amaya
By Amaya

"MOM!" Zee shouted, "They are here, they are here!"
"Who's here?" Mom said in a puzzled voice.
"The zombies," Zee said while shaking, "They are going to take over the WHOLE population of humans!"
"Well," Mom said in a low tone, "you better hide. I hear moaning!"
"Okay," Zee said nervously, "where?"
"In the CLOSET!" Mom shouted.
Amaya walked down stairs wearing a costume.  "Where is she?" Amaya whispered.
          "In the closet," Mom said quietly.
 "Okay thanks," Amaya whispered. "BAH!" Amaya said when she opened the door.
 "AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" Zee screamed, "Hey, that’s not funny!"
 "Rude," Zee smirked while Amaya was rolling on the floor laughing.


Book + Shelf
          By Bethany

"Oh, I'm so tired!" cried the book. “I have to get picked up and read almost every day!”
           "You wimp!" replied the shelf. "I have to hold you and your friends for longer than it takes them humans to read you!
            “My work is pretty hard also!” exclaimed the book.
            “I wasn’t saying that your work ISN’T hard I was just saying that in my opinion my job is harder.”
            “There is only one way to solve that…”


Fridge + Table
By Abigail

"What a beautiful morning!" exclaimed the table. "Everyone is so happy and cheerful."
"I wish I could be happy," cried the fridge.
"Why are you sad?" asked the table.
"Well, I'm sad because no one has come to see me this morning," responded the fridge.
"Well you don’t need to be sad," assured the table.
"Really!" yelled the fridge.
"Well why not, the morning has just started," said the table.
"Wow thank you so much for cheering me up you’re a good friend," replied the fridge.
"That’s what friends are for," laughed the table.

 For the complete April Writing Dialog assignment packet, click here.

I'm excited to read more dialogs from my talented students, so keep them coming!


Anonymous April 24, 2014 at 9:19 AM

I feel really bad for the lizard in cat+ dog+ lizard because he doesn't get to gout in the rain anymore. I know I like going out in the rain!

Anonymous April 24, 2014 at 9:21 AM

Who is Zee in Mom+ Zee+ Amaya?

Anonymous April 24, 2014 at 9:23 AM

I really like Teagan's, it's funny.

Anonymous April 24, 2014 at 3:53 PM

to answer Bethany, zee is my sister and I love all of the dialogs!!!!!!! BD


trn May 5, 2014 at 12:12 PM

I like all of them! Good job! The one about the zombies in the closet is my favorite! heheha


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