Tuesday, August 27, 2013

20 Years of Learning


20 Years (Wait. What?!)

Check out my first class of first and second graders. 

Back then I was Ms. Brandt.

Seems like yesterday.

I still remember all of their names and their sweet little personalities. 
They were so smart, affectionate and creative! 
I learned a lot from them.

[click photos to enlarge]

Luckily, I had many of those cuties again in fifth grade when I changed grades...

Just look at those happy faces.

The Class of 1993...
and 1996.

Now they have successful careers.
Many are in graduate school.
Others have families of their own.
Firemen, teachers, bankers, nurses, business people and parents.

What an honor to work with children every day!

I love my job.


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