Tuesday, September 6, 2011



As you may know, this summer I read a bunch of girl recommended books. I enjoyed the challenge and added amazing new books to my library! Thank you to everyone who shared their favorites with me! All of the recommended books can be found in the margin to the left, if you are interested.

Now, it's time to move on to my favorite topic: Boy Books! As the mother of boys, I am an expert on this subject. I can have thoughtful conversations with my male students on the topics of cooky cavemen, Vikings, demigods, time-warping, Muggles and robots. I can even recommend books based on their interests. Yes, I'm that good.

One concern I hear from parents on a regular basis is, "My son does not like to read." My advice is this...
  • Let boys choose books that look interesting to them. Many times we tell boys to put down the comic book and read a "real book." Well people, READING is READING. Graphic novels, magazines, comic strips and science reference books require reading too.
  • Read with your child. Choose books to read and discuss. Kids are never too old to listen to a good book. Pick the first book in a series and they may become hooked! Plus, your child will benefit from listening to your fluency and expression, hearing new words in context AND sharing time with you!
  • Ask what other boys are reading. Ask a librarian, a teacher, the boys hanging out at the bookstore. Check online, read blogs, read reviews on book sites like Amazon, Library Thing or Shelfari. There are great books out there and people are talking about them!
Here are a few of my favorite resources on the topic of Boys -n- Books. If you have another site to add, or a book to recommend for boys, please add a comment below!

For a selection of tried and true boy books, check out the "Recommended by Boys" list on the right.

Happy reading!


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