Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Battle Ground or Bust!


Both girls were over the moon when Walter came in the mail last week. It was kinda funny, I had just been looking at Walter and Wen's blog that day. It was also the most perfect timing. Last week was Jillian's 8th birthday. We were going to Sun River OR to play in the snow to celebrate. 

Walter hung out with us at home first. We did science experiments...

Walter didn't bring his science goggles, so he watched from a safe container.

He also enjoyed gymnastics class, played guitar hero and air hockey. He even went to the chiropractor!

Then we packed him up for our road trip. We played in the snow on Mt. Bachelor. We did not let Walter play in the snow. He watched from the car.  We didn't want him to get dirty. He was there when Jillian opened her birthday presents, and ate her birthday cake. 

He got to stay in a hotel with us. Frankly, I was a worried the whole trip because I didn't want to loose him. He is so small. We did good though. He made it back to Battle Ground with us safe and sound, and we shipped him off to his next family. 

Walter didn't get to see much of our tiny lil town. Battle Ground is just a small town outside of Vancouver. There are just two main roads in Battle Ground - the highway leading into town and Main Street. 


Check back soon to read all about my trip to beautiful Bonney Lake! 
I can't wait to meet the next WAVA family!


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