Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wen in DeMo...


Wow, what a great time I’ve had in Des Moines – Washington, that is – not to be confused with Des Moines, Iowa. 

Who knew that my stay with Mrs. Britt and her family would lead to me finding a long lost relative – Uncle Willy!  It was great to reconnect and he loved hearing about the adventures I’ve had all over Washington state.  I invited him to join me on my upcoming trip to Marysville, but as you can see, he has a pretty strong bond with baby Margo and has decided to stay put for the time being.

Speaking of Margo.  She has been my BFF while I’m here.  I don’t even have to walk anywhere, she takes me wherever I want to go in this nifty stroller.

Margo has a dog, Lucy, who loves stuffed things.  Needless to say, I’m quite grateful to be walking out of this house with my ears, arms and legs still intact!
When I wasn’t reminiscing with Uncle Willy, going on a stroll with Margo, or running from Lucy I spent some time brushing up on my math skills.  Those K12 lessons are pretty cool!

I’ve really been missing Walter, lately.  Night times are the hardest, but Ms. Bunny was kind enough to read me bedtime stories from Margo’s books; it helped take my mind off Walter.

For my final adventure, Mrs. Britt invited me along on her outing to the Bellevue Art Museum.  She explained that I would get to meet some fabulous students from her class and from Mrs. Sloan’s class.  Seeing as I’m a fan of art, I decided to go along – and boy am I glad I did.  You’ll never guess who I ran into - WALTER!!!  He’s staying with a girl, Tara, and she was at the Bellevue Art Museum too.  What are the chances?  First Uncle Willy, then Walter – what luck.

It’s kind of hard to find me in this picture, but Tara (on the left) has me tucked away in a blanket and Karis (behind the stroller) is holding Walter.

I’ll miss Des Moines – staying in a little town right on the Puget Sound can be fun, but at times a little scary (lots of big seagulls flying around).  I’m ready for Marysville though…rumor has it there is a pretty cool outlet mall up there!


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