Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Walter's Snohomish County Adventure!


I arrived in Snohomish County and was greeted with excitement by Tara, her teen-age sister and their two moms.  Tara ripped open the package eagerly hoping for a Walter or maybe even a Wen (she didn't know she would see us both, but that comes later in the story!).  Tara lives in a cohousing neighborhood in Snohomish County.  It was fun to see her neighborhood and meet all of the friendly people.

Fresh out of the box, I hung out in Tara's pocket while she was in her Moon Shoes.  It can be quite bouncy! She went really far and high, too!

I went online with Tara for a class of Literature.  I learned some about Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH.  I can't believe rats can be bigger than I am!  

It was Tara's mom's birthday so she and I made applesauce muffins with apples from their tree.  

I helped with the decorations.  In Tara's family, they decorate the whole lower level on birthdays.  I liked riding in the rainbow ball the best!

Tara is a Brownie Girl Scout.  I went to her troop meeting with her and we learned about selling Girl Scout cookies.  Yum!  Here I am with the cookie order sheet.

I went on a field trip with Tara and her mom to the Bellevue Art Museum.  We met Ms. Sloan there.  One of the best parts is that Ms. Britt was also there - with Wen!  

I had a lot of fun looking at different ceramic art, but I really liked playing around with pencils with Wen.  I think Ms. Britt took some pictures of our reunion too!

Important Fact: Even monsters need to brush their teeth!

Tara does a lot of fun things!  During the week, she not only took me to the art museum, but she took me to... 

a piano lesson...

swim class...

and even a jump rope class! 
Tara did double dutch while I watched.  I think I might like to try turning the rope, but I would need some help.  

I had fun in Tara's neighborhood in a snow chair (she said it was a snowball a couple of days earlier).  She also showed me what was left of an igloo that she had made before I got there.  Wow!

I had a great time with Tara and her family.  I wonder what further adventures I will have... I sure hope that I get to meet up with Wen again!

So long for now!


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