Friday, January 21, 2011

Marvelous Marysville!


We were very surprised to find Wen in our mailbox.  We didn't visit the great outlet stores here in Marysville but we had fun riding bikes, making shadow puppets (we couldn't resist on a day so full of sun, don't see that too often), going to swim lessons, going for a walk, and having red velvet cake for Timmy's 7th birthday party.  

Shadow Puppets!

Wen's favorite dessert is red velvet cake. Yummy!

Wen takes a ride in another nifty stroller, and...

on a sweet bike. Hold on tight, Wen!


 Did you know that Wen has many talents? They include...

Friendly Mailbox Visitor


Wii Player Extraordinaire!

Wen does not like to get wet, unless it involves dog or baby slobber. 
However, she DOES like to watch swimming lessons!

Marysville began as a place for loggers and now is a town of 57, 578 people.  There is an Indian reservation right next to Marysville called Tulalip.  One great thing the kids love about Marysville are the parks.  They also loved participating in the annual everyone track meet.  So fun to run races and receive ribbons.

Check back soon! Wen's next stop? Joint Base Lewis-McChord. Hooah!


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