Thursday, December 2, 2010

Wen's in Port Orchard!


Wen here! I have been hanging out in Port Orchard for a while!  It has been quite an adventure! I have seen snow for the first time, my friend Avonlea lost a tooth, the power was out for 3 days (Avonlea kept me warm), we celebrated Thanksgiving and I got to help decorate the Christmas tree!

Today I got to go hang out in a town near Port Orchard called Gig Harbor.  We got to go visit the library, get a hot chocolate, visit a toy store called Teaching Toys II where I saw a few monsters that looked VERY similar to me, and we got to eat at a yummy restaurant called Fondi pizzeria!  We forgot to bring the camera with but it was still lots of fun! 

Tonight I almost got squished by the dog Brodie but Avonlea saved me at the last moment!  Instead I got to ride around on Brodie's back until I fell off!

It was tree decorating time today!  Boy are there a lot of Christmas things in this house...I think it make take a week to get all of the decorations up!  I was afraid I might get lost in a box of ornaments!  

The best part was when my friend Avonlea read me the Christmas story near the tree.  

I also liked it when I got to ride in the train underneath her tree!

Avonlea and her big brother Chandler are really excited that it's December!  Only 24 more days until Christmas!  

They are very excited about the Advent Calendar being up because now they get a special chocolate each day up until Christmas!  I am not sure what chocolate tastes like but they sure seem to like it!  Each of them are talking about what they hope they'll get for Christmas and Avonlea whispered to me what she was getting for her family....but I can't tell, cause it's a secret!

Today is my last day here!  It has been a busy day around here!  We went to the YMCA for Homeschool PE, ballet and Tae Kwon Do.  Then we went to Costco and had lots of yummy samples while we shopped!  Later that evening I got to paint with Avonlea before her bedtime routine, which includes reading a Christmas story by the tree every night in December.  

I am going to miss that but I am excited to see where I will go next!  But for now I am going to snuggle up one last time with Avonlea in her bed and have sweet dreams!  Good night everyone!


The Estrogen Sea... December 6, 2010 at 8:56 AM

Dear Wen,

We're so glad you got to see a Christmas Tree and an Advent Calendar being put up! Our family thinks the lights and decorations are -very- beautiful... but we don't celebrate Christmas!

We celebrate Winter Solstice, instead. It's a great time of year because that's when the sun starts coming back and the night-time starts getting shorter.

Our mom says that it's good to remember that dark times don't last forever, and that the sun is warm even on very cold days. (We think she means that we should always remember to look for the "silver lining" or something, but she says it much prettier.)

Hope your travels this winter are filled with warm moments and happy friends!


The Martin-Hittle Children

Angel-10 (One more week and I'll be 11!), Alicia-7 (Hey! I'll be 8 in two months!), Anna-4 (But I'll be 5 next month!), and Alex-3 (FUZZY!!)

(Dictated to and typed by Mom-AKA "Crazy Lady of the Crazy House of Crazy in a Good Way")

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