Thursday, November 18, 2010

Walter's Enjoying Donuts in Auburn


November 12-18, 2010
Walter had a fun trip to the McNeill House.  It was cold in the mailbox, while he waited for us to get him.  We think he might have been in there a day or two, so when he came in, we warmed up with a hot chocolate party.  Walter decided to join us at the table, but he wasn't very thirsty.  One of the highlights of his stay with the McNeill's was the yummy doughnuts from the best doughnut shop ever (at least the best in Auburn, WA).  We took a picture of the sign, so Walter could remember it.   

He also got to make several trips to visit with Baba and Papa (Isaac's grandparents).  They live on the hill overlooking the valley.  They have a very nice view and can even see Mt. Rainier on a nice day.  The day we took the picture was a cloudy, grey day.   

Walter got to watch Isaac at his martial arts class.  He thought that looked like fun.  Walter also had lots of opportunities to sing and dance, do art projects, read, play Wii and just hang out with us.  I'm not sure what he would say is the highlight, but we suspect he liked the singing in the car the best.


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