Monday, October 25, 2010

Walter's Trip to Tacoma!


Hello!  I am glad to finally be out of my stuffy little travel box, but whoa! I have landed among giants! I am only 1/24th of their height!  Do you know how TALL that makes them? I heard a baby and thought, “Phew, someone my size!” She rolled right over to me and thought I could be lunch! That’s right! She put me straight in her mouth! Yuck! Thank goodness the tall lady saved me! It turns out she is a teacher with WAVA. She started to tell me and the baby our schedule for the week…I have to tell you…I think it will be fun! We get to travel all around the Puget Sound area and visit with her students! I saw the camera get packed…I think there will be some photo ops, too! I’m just hoping she keeps me away from the gums of that baby!
During the day she lets me hang out here:

This is where she works with her students. Every now and then a deer wanders through her yard or a blue heron lands on the water feature. Pretty cool! Most of all, I like listening to the students as they ask questions. Sometimes she reads their k-mails out loud to me! She has a cool bunch of students!

While I was with Mrs. Stegeman, we were on the road nearly every day. She was meeting with her students to talk about writing. Let me tell you, there are a lot of good writers out there! I especially enjoyed all of the Personal Narratives and Memoirs! One of the days, we met at a coffee shop with another teacher, Mrs. Ritchie. I sipped some cocoa and visited with the students. Here I am with Mrs. Ritchie and two of her students:

I also had a picture with Mrs. Stegeman, her baby, Carolyn, and one of her students! We had fun chatting about her lessons and writing!

All in all, it was a busy week! The time flew by and then she said she had to put me back in the box and send me off on my next adventure. I can hardly wait to see what else I will do and who I will meet!


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