Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Walter and Wen go to school!


Today we visited an amazing classroom full of first and second graders! They showed us all of the fun things they are learning in school. They also asked a lot of questions! Here are a few pictures from our day. This may be our last outing before our big trip around Washington. We leave on 10/10/10!

 We love visiting kids and learning new things everywhere we go!

Wen really liked this chameleon watercolor! 
She thought the hearts were lovely.

 Walter thought this chameleon was brilliant!

 Walter and Wen on the Word Wall
(That's a lot of W's!)

 At school today, we learned about plants and...


Thanks Ms. Guiley and students! Maybe we will stop by again after our Wild Washington Wanderings!

From your pals,


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