Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Walter and Wen go to school!


Today we visited an amazing classroom full of first and second graders! They showed us all of the fun things they are learning in school. They also asked a lot of questions! Here are a few pictures from our day. This may be our last outing before our big trip around Washington. We leave on 10/10/10!

 We love visiting kids and learning new things everywhere we go!

Wen really liked this chameleon watercolor! 
She thought the hearts were lovely.

 Walter thought this chameleon was brilliant!

 Walter and Wen on the Word Wall
(That's a lot of W's!)

 At school today, we learned about plants and...


Thanks Ms. Guiley and students! Maybe we will stop by again after our Wild Washington Wanderings!

From your pals,

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Week 4: Lesson Learned!


Well kids, it's the last week of September! I bet you have learned a ton of cool things since school started. For this week's response, tell us about something you learned in one of your WAVA courses this month.

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Our Library Visit


Today we went to the library! We were impressed by all of the books. We were also impressed with Mrs. Sol's class! We watched curiously as the students made super cool binders. They used scrapbook paper and view binders to create original History Notebooks, Science Journals and Writing Portfolios. They are going to fill them with stories, lessons, responses, thoughts, narrations, drawings, charts and notes from the whole year! At the end of the year, we'll all meet again and they will share what they have learned. Maybe we should make one to document our journey around Washington!

Here we are at the center of all of the excitement!

 Wen admiring a lovely writing portfolio.

Hey! These notebooks are comfortable too!

It was fun to see everyone. Maybe when we get back from our trip, we'll see our friends again. If you want to learn more about using Notebooks, Journals and Portfolios, you can download information here.

Thanks for another fun adventure!      

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Week 3: Name our class pet.


Every class needs a pet, right? Well, since we are a virtual school I thought it was only fitting to get a virtual hamster. What do you think we should name this little guy? Why did you choose that name? Leave your suggestion in the comment box.

Please help us take care of our new friend. To feed him, click on his cage. To watch him run, click the center of his wheel. If he looks thirsty, click on his water bottle.

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Wonderful WAVAteers!


Today we went to a Cookies by the Creek picnic in Vancouver. We spent the day with amazing WAVA families. Everyone was very friendly and the cookies were delicious! We took a few pictures to share with you. We'll post them below. What a fun day we had!

We met cool students...

and helpful teachers.

Wen really liked the craft table where kids made fun notebooks.

Great job as glue stick holder, Wen!

Walter liked the playground...

and the cookies!

 Thanks for inviting us to your picnic.
Now we are really excited to start our journey!

We'll see you soon,

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Excitement Builds!


We are getting very excited about our upcoming trip! Did you know that we like to travel in style? We prefer comfy boxes and envelopes (monsters love dark places). We also like to ride in mail trucks so we can see the sights as we travel from place to place. On 10/10/10, we will begin our journey from a post office in Vancouver, Washington. From there, we will travel on to other exciting locations!

Great news! As of today, 31 families from all over the state would like us to pay them a visit this year. If you would like to participate, please k-mail Mrs. Sol this month. She will need your last name and address, so we can find your mailbox. We hope to visit 50 families this year! We will let you know when our itinerary is full, so keep those addresses coming!

See you soon!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Week 2: How did you get your name?


Share the story of how you got your name. Why were you given that name? If you don't know, ask an adult in your family to tell you the tale. If you want to look up the meaning of your name, visit babynamer.com. Please use first names only when you reply.

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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Week 1: What would you like us to know about you?


Hey kids! For this week's response, let us know something important about you. What makes you special?

To respond...
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